Queen Bee on Top of the Hill

Christine Greenberg

Owner of Urban Set Bride | The Hive Wedding Collective | Founder of Boss Babes RVA | Chair of Mini Boss Babes


As a divorcee, you don’t really get all excited about the possibility of getting married again. Step into Urban Set Bride and it just might change your mind. In 2011, having started a career in wedding planning, owner, Christine Greenberg decided in 2014 to open her own bridal shop in Church Hill where she and her parents lived. In 2018, she took her wedding planning skills and turned it into The Hive Wedding Collective. She is one of the most in control and intelligent people I’ve come across and I’m not at all surprised by her success. As conductor of bridal bliss, Christine’s award winning business continues to grow as the wedding season has.


You would think that this 33 year old has enough on her plate having two business, but sister has some work ethic, and is also the founder of Boss Babes RVA which lends support and resources for local women business owners. She also recently became Chair of the newly formed Mini Boss Babes which gives mentorships to girls of color in the Richmond area. Whew, right? Nope. Christine also has a toddler, a husband, and planning for another kid—and you say you’re busy.

Currently residing in Montrose Heights, Christine and her family have great pride in RVA and she tells me one of the growing trends in doing local weddings is the want to support local business and venues. “People are much more thoughtful when planning their weddings, they are choosing venues like Studio Two Three which supports the non-profit.” She agrees that Richmonders are still sticking with traditional Southern outdoor weddings at spots like The Virginia House, but choosing a more contemporary styled reception is becoming more favored.


Christine is a real estate agent for couples getting married. She understands the demands on time with jobs and families and accommodates that with the calmness and presence of Daenerys Targaryen getting ready for war. Her approach is genuine, creative, and regimented. You know if you are planning an event with them, that you are going to get someone who knows what their doing and how to handle difficult scenarios, and we all know how controlling mother’s can be, don’t we?

Greenberg has seen the influx of Millenial home buyers in the Church area and it does help having that foot traffic crossing her store. Brides will usually come in to try on dresses and decide to include Hive to take care of the whole event making it a convenient one stop shop. She has fantastic preferred vendors for any event’s needs. This Army brat and eloquent young woman, has seen the wedding season grow from Spring/Summer ceremonies to a fully booked year where she handles at least 15 events. Having four other team members working the DC, Charlottesville, and Richmond areas, Christine has found much success as an award winning bridal shop and she provides a truly unique experience.

I think a lot of her accomplishment comes with her ability to read people and she goes in with the attitude that “things happen” and “nothing’s perfect”, but she handles it all with class and assertiveness. She is also very aware of the social pressures and culture involving matrimony. No longer is about the extravagance of the day or the bride for that matter, it’s more about the union of two people sharing their day and showcasing a setting.


When a bride ends up in her shop , they will be taken care of fully. The dresses that adorn the racks are absolutely beautiful and a lot them unique in style. It very much is an alternative bridal shop, leaving bridezilla at the door. There is no “creepy princess bride mentality” here. The showroom is showered in natural light and I could just sit here staring at all the dresses, dreaming up a whole new life.

Contact Christine and her team today for a most unique and liberating wedding experience:

602 North 29th Street
Richmond, VA, 23223
Phone: 804.562.1212

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