Welcome to home.

Richmond, VA has been a sought after place to reside with it's Southern charm and low-cost of iiving. It boasts history, a strong local business community, and lots of fantastic dining options.  We have many anemities that include culture and the arts, great places to work, and local events which will capture your interest, no matter where you live. 



Where do you want to live?

RVA downtown


In the heart of the financial district and all things urban, Richmond's downtown area houses historic neighborhoods like Jackson Ward and Upper Shockoe Valley. If you enjoy condo living, being close to MCV, and being close to the city center, this is your spot. Downtown RVA resides minutes by the James and have gorgeous rooftop views. Restaurants abound this area along with The Library of Virginia and all things governing our great city from the Governor's Mansion to City Hall. 



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Church Hill


If you are looking for city living at its finest, look no further than Church Hill. Sprinkled with some of the best restaurants and home of Patrick Henry's famous "Give me liberty or give me death" speech, Church Hill boasts historical feel with hip elements. Great for walking and city views with two beautiful parks, Chimborazo and Liberty Hill, the neighborhood is filled with a diverse community from young professionals to artists to MCV students. A revitalization worth living in with Southern charm and cobblestone streets.

Some Neighborhoods Include: Oakwood, Chimborazo, Union Hill, and Churchill North



If you are looking to live in a neighborhood where everyone knows your name, Northside is the place. Beautiful tree-lined streets with gorgeous bungalows and estate size homes, Northside is a tight knit community with cute restaurants lining MacArthur avenue where you can sit outside and bask in the sun. Lots of garden tours, running and biking fill the neighborhood daily and you can always feel safe knowing your neighbors are looking out for you. it's a quieter residence with kids playing in yards and conveniently located interstate routes.

Some Neighborhoods include: Bellevue, Battery Park, Barton Heights, Ginter Park, and Brookland Park

The West End


Great schools and suburban life encapsulate the West End. If you want great malls, a huge yard for your kids to play in and two car garages, the West End is for you. Nestled in Henrico County, the West End gives you a huge mall in Short Pump for all your shopaholic needs, Innsbrook for outdoor concerts and 4th of July fireworks, and great parks like Bandy Field and Deep Run to enjoy a soccer game or a nice picnic. The West End can be broken up in a few areas: West End,  Near West End, Glen Allen,  and Far West End. If you enjoy the best in suburban living, you don't have to look farther than the West End.

Some Neighborhoods Include: Tuckahoe, Walton Farms, Westham, Roslyn Hills, Kildare, Cheswick, and Sleepy Hollow.

The Fan


VCU's mecca neighborhood, The Fan got it's name due to the fan like shape the streets make. It's a beautiful area of tree lined streets and diverse housing. Row homes, Brickstones and Carriage Houses align these avenues that feature incredible historical architecture and details. If you love to walk and visit the local museum or just want to take in the monuments, the Fan is for you. This neighborhood is artsy and colorful and great dining and drinking options are plentiful within walking distance. It's city living without the hustle and bustle and if you're looking for a home with 8'+ ceilings and pretty courtyards, this is the place you want to be.


Can't decide whether the burbs or the city will cater to your lifestyle? Want to be closer to nature, yet want to be near the delights of the city? Chesterfield County is vast. Crossing the Manchester, the Nickel, or the Hugenot can provide....coming soon.


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