Let's Light it Up December!

My goodness, we are barely done with Thanksgiving, and I’m talking turkeys alongside black cats and skeletons, that we are now coming to the close of the year. Can you believe it! We’re kicking it off with Hanukkah on December 2nd. Most everyone is familiar with Christmas traditions and celebrate heartily on Christmas day, December 25th. For me, growing up Roman Catholic, our big night was Christmas Eve with midnight mass, pizza, and the opening of one present. Being Latin American, Christmas is always a big deal and surprisingly the traditions vary from country to country in Central and South America. In Panama, we burn things, like replicas of ourselves, to say goodbye to the old year. From skates in Venezuela to Krampus in Austria, everyone celebrates the holidays differently, just ask the Japanese about their KFC Christmas Dinner Dinner!

My first job in New York was at the Jewish National Fund. I was surprised they hired me because I wasn’t Jewish, but they explained they hire tons of gentiles! It was actually a very educational and impactful experience. I knew nothing of the Jewish religion, even less, I was unfamiliar with the race and culture. I learned a lot that year and made some lifelong friends. I’m not going to lie, I enjoyed how many holidays they had! It is a season for reflection and hope and I wanted to take this opportunity to begin the celebrations of the holidays and the coming of hibernation weather.

Happy Hanukkah to all my Jewish friends, may there be latkes a plenty and may the miracle of light brighten your path in the new year.

Here are some fun things to celebrate Hanukkah and its eight day events.


Holiday Decor
Want to Blue it up for the holiday? Here are some ideas to get your home and table ready while not spending a gelt-load!

Oy, to the World and Light that Menorah

One of the most recognizable symbols of Hanukkah, the menorah ritual is one of ancient times and represents wisdom. Want to know more?

Hanukkah Events in RVA

RVA has a great events to celebrate the Jewish Holiday. Check them out!

There are also a lot of Hanukkah Shabbat dinners around the city. Check your local synagogue.