Five for Friday - Summer DIY Sensations

Have you looked at the prices for Summer Patio furnishings and decor? It can cost a lot to make your backyard into a paradise, but The Sean Priest Team found five amazing DIY ideas to make your backyard summer sippin' just that much better!

Cinder Blocks

Who knew cinder blocks could be so decorative?

Source: Your House and Garden

Patio Pallet Furniture

Wood pallets are pretty easy to find and make a great resource for these types of projects. So what are you waiting for?

Source: Cute DIY Projects

Illuminate Your Summer Nights

Create ambience and outdoor glow with these great lighting ideas for your home that isn't just string lights.

Playground Fun

Here are some great DIY playground projects for outdoor fun!

Drink Up!

You know, now that you've done all this work, we thought we'd cheat a bit and give you these "DIY" libations for your lawn lounging...we think you deserve it.

Source: Click photos for sources and recipes!